Recommended Books

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Business & Marketing

Keith J. Cunningham / Author & Speaker

Keith is one of the foremost authorities on business mastery. With more than 40 years of business and investing experience, he has taught critical business skills to thousands of top executives and entrepreneurs around the world.

One of those books that sometimes delivers a much needed gut punch, and you have to put it down. Proceed with caution if you are looking to change your business & life.

Dr. Robert Cialdini / Author & Psychologist

The must read marketing book that isn't a marketing book. A must for anyone working in sales and marketing, but it also has broad applications for those who need to influence others. Dr Robert Cialdini explains his theory through practical examples and backs it up with some of the most rigorous scientific research you’ll find on the topic. All about persuasion and influence backed by scientific methodologies.



Dan Kennedy / Author & Direct Response Marketeer

No one has had a bigger impact in the field of direct response, advertising and marketing than Dan Kennedy. He is the leader of direct response marketing. Whether you’re pushing out email newsletters, online ads, or blogs. I always advice that you learn from only the best. Dan Kennedy will ensure all your marketing efforts don’t go to waste.

Chris Voss / Author & Hostage negotiator

World's #1 Negotiation Coach and author of one of the seven best books on negotiation. A 24-year veteran of the FBI, he is an expert in high-stakes negotiation and solving business communication problems.

Alex Hormozi / Entrepreneur & Investor

One of the best books on business that I read. He shows you exactly how to make profitable offers through reliably turning advertising dollars into profits using a combination of pricing, value, guarantees, and naming strategies.

Price, sales and offers are one of those things you'll have to master if you want to become profitable beyond your wildest dreams.

Jay Abraham / Author & Business and marketing master

Jay Abraham claims to fame revolve around being the man you can't afford to life without. He has spent his entire career helping executives solve problems and fix business. From a marketing, sales and business growth perspective that is uniquely his. Although his books have examples that might feel outdated the ideas he shares are timeless.

Personal Development

Maxwell Maltz / Author & Surgeon

His best-seller Psycho Cybernetic is considered one of the best books in the self-help category. And considered one of the psychology masterpieces that paved the way for most of today’s personal empowerment programs.

In his beliefs our self-image is the foundation of our mental state, and therefore of all the successes and failures that happen in our lives as a result.

Steven Pressfield / Author

The War of Art is a quick read that talks deeper about the complexity of the creative process, both the inspiration and perspiration. No matter what career you'll work on there is always a certain degree of creativity and expression.

Steven beautifully explains how you will encounter 'the resistance' and how to play with it to overcome you're greatest personal roadblock.


The War of Art

Tony Robbins / Author & Coach

You either hate him or life him. No matter what you're personal feelings are towards Tony as a person. His books have helped millions of people make massive shifts in their beliefs and lives. I could completely understand that people think he is a little too over the top and loud mouthy 'American' if they would see him on video or events. His books give good handles on certain aspects of your life that make sense to take a gander at.

Carol S. Dweck / Author & Hostage negotiator

I've suggested this book so many times over the years. And rarely do people follow up on it. But when they do... They are blown away by the wealth of knowledge Dweck shares. Read this to get an understanding of the impact growth and fixed mindsets have on your performance. As well as how they impact athletes, team-members, businesses, relationships, and kids.

This book lays on pretty much every gamechanger CEO's desk and should be part of your personal education.



Naval Ravikant / Author & Investor

Navalmanack isn't really a book, its a mere collection of transcriptions, tweets ands words of wisdom from Naval Ravikant. Best of all, its 100% free!

Read this if you're wanting to learn more about investing, mindset, growth, keeping clearheaded in storms and just overall life skills.